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Located in Chatham, Illinois
Chatham Area Public Library
Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm

Exam Proctoring


In support of its mission to promote lifelong learning, the Chatham Area Public Library District will proctor exams for students upon request and availability of personnel, facilities and technology to do so. 

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General Information

Anyone may apply for examination proctoring. Exams are proctored by Reference staff during regular Library hours Monday through Friday and limited Saturdays.

It is the test taker's responsibility to contact the agencies or institutions to provide the exam materials (exams, instructions, and return information) to the proctor. Exams will be administered based on student's availability and with concern to staffing needs.

Steps For Having Exam Proctored

  1. Download and complete an Exam Proctoring Application.
  2. Return the application to the Adult Service desk, or mail it to Chatham Area Public Library Attn: Proctor Coordinator (600 E Spruce St. Chatham IL 62629). 
    • Student will contact examination institution to arrange for necessary paperwork to be sent to Library.  The Adult Service Department can be reached by phone at 217-483-2713 or via email at [email protected].
  3. A librarian will contact you to verify information, make appointment and complete all necessary paperwork from the examination institution. 
  4. Student will call the Library at 217-483-2713 prior to exam to ensure that the exam or login information has arrived.
    • The proctor does not contact you when the exam arrives.
  5. On the day of exam, student arrives promptly at the agreed-upon time, prepared with the items required for taking the exam. These may include picture I.D., money for fees, pens/#2 pencils and calculator.
    • Only items listed in the exam instructions will be allowed in the exam area.
  6. Proctor will have space arranged for student to take exam in a reasonably quiet space. 

All exams must be completed at least 15 minutes before closing.


The exam will not be administered until the fee (if any) is paid by the person taking the exam.

The fees for proctoring services are assessed according to the following schedule:

  •  Chatham Area Public Library District residents: FREE
  •  All others: A fee of $20 per exam session

Students are also responsible for any charges incurred for printing or faxing required by the exam. 

Fax: In-state - $1.00 per page; Out of state - $2.00 per page  

Print: B&W - $.15 per page; Color - $.25 per page

Cash, money orders, and checks are acceptable forms of payment. 


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  • All students must complete an Exam Proctoring Application
  • The student will be required to present a valid picture I.D. at the time of the exam.
  • The Library will proctor both written and/or online exams. Online testing will be done via a library computer. Students' personal computers are not allowed. The library will not download software onto library computers. The Library cannot guarantee that technical problems will not occur when using the Library's network or its computers. Refunds will be made to non-residents who are unable to complete an exam because of technical problems. 
  • The student must make arrangements with the examining institution to have written exams sent or delivered to the Exam Proctoring Coordinator at the Library. Mail it to Chatham Area Public Library Attn: Proctor Coordinator (600 E Spruce St. Chatham IL 62629) or email to [email protected].
  • Proctors will enforce any written time limits that are placed on the exam, as well as other rules set forth in the examination materials. The use of cell phones or visiting with others is prohibited during the exam. Any perceived violation of the posted rules for the exam will be reported to the examining institution.
  • Prior contact between the examining institution and the proctor is required so that credibility and exam requirements can be verified.
  • Librarians and/or library personnel cannot proctor exams that students bring in themselves.
  • The Library will not be responsible for any delayed exams, incomplete exams, nor for any completed exams once they leave the Library's possession and have been mailed back to the examining institution.
  • The Library will not be responsible for exams that are interrupted by Library emergencies, power failures, or computer hardware or software failures.  The exam will be rescheduled along with notification of examining institution.
  • The Library reserves the right to substitute a proctor in the event of the original proctor's absence.
  • Due to legal and ethical matters, the proctor will not sign a proctoring statement that attests to more than they are able to do.