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Located in Chatham, Illinois
Chatham Area Public Library
Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm

Bikelangelo: The Book Bike

What can you expect from the book bike?

Chatham Area Public Library District’s BookBike, nicknamed "Bikelangelo", gives people access to the library outside of the building. It is ridden by library staff to locations all around Chatham during summer and fall. We have been to the Chatham Cafe, the Sweet Corn Festival, and more! Look for the BookBike at an event near you!

In addition to smiles, the BookBike is currently offering free books for adults and children (thanks to our awesome Library Friends). You can also get  library cards, program information, answers to questions,  assistance with the digital library, and fun incentives! 

Look at the schedules on this page for BookBike events (but please keep in mind we often don’t get dates and times until they are announced). Plan to stop by to check out some “wheelie” good books, grab a library card, or just come say “hey, nice bike”!  If you have an event you would like Bikelangelo to be at, please email us at [email protected].

If you have questions, please email [email protected].

Upcoming Book Bike Events

staff member riding the book bike

5/5/2023 - Storywalk Storytime

Chatham Cafe

6/24/2023 - Chatham Cafe

Ice Deli

7/15/2023 - Weber's Ice Deli

Staff members at the Sweet Corn Festival

7/22/2023 - Sweet Corn Festival

two adults at the Chatham Area Public Library table with dog

9/24/2023 - PAWS-A-PALOOZA/Kite Festival